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Dr Daljit Sandhu, Clinical Psychologist

  • Online zoom therapy sessions are available on weekday evenings
  • 10+ years NHS
  • Various therapy approaches are offered, tailored to you, including CBT, psychodynamic and compassion-focused approaches, also Tai Chi, and Yoga.

Daljit (Dr Daljit Sandhu) is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who currently works mainly in private practice. She has had over 25 years of experience working in the NHS in a variety of roles and contexts including working as part of multi-disciplinary teams often with clients with complex and long-standing issues.

Different Psychological Therapies drawn on

She takes a compassionate, holistic and integrative approach to support people to understand and overcome emotional and psychological difficulties which may be having a significant impact on their health and well-being and/or their work and relationships.

Daljit draws on a wide range of therapeutic models including CBT, psychodynamic and compassion-focused approaches.

Clinical Psychologist, Yoga and Tai Chi. Psychology for both Body and Mind

She has a special interest in understanding the physiological and neurological impact of traumatic experiences on physical and psychological difficulties.

In addition to training as a Clinical Psychologist, Daljit is a trained Tai Chi teacher and recently qualified as a Dru Yoga teacher which enables her to bring in mind and body practices to support the regulation of anxiety and arousal which may otherwise prove to be an obstacle to processing past traumatic experiences.

Psychologist collaborative approach

Her collaborative and mindful approach supports people to develop not only their own understanding and awareness of the factors connected to the development and maintenance of their difficulties but also to recognise and develop their strengths and resources to support their health and wellbeing once therapy ends.

Helps People with a Variety of Difficulties

Daljit has experience working with the following difficulties which may often be present together: Anxiety; Anger issues; Bereavement; Depression/low mood; Difficulties with emotional recognition/regulation; Physical health difficulties including chronic pain and medically unexplained symptoms; Motivational difficulties; Relationship difficulties; Self-esteem issues; Trauma issues; Work and career issues.

Daljit is a creative, balanced and well-rounded person. She believes the challenges in her own life have enabled her to bring humanity and optimism to her therapeutic work. She believes it is a privilege and joy to support people in their journey of self-development, which is the way she views therapy.

Experienced Private Clinical Psychologist

Dr Daljit Sandhu is a trained, qualified, experienced, private Clinical Psychologist, offering people high quality therapy for Mental Health issues. She has extensive NHS experience, as well as offering private, non-NHS, online therapy through here. Dr Daljit Sandhu has seen people for help with a wide range of difficulties, from single to multiple issues.

Check her registration as a genuine Registered Psychologist with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) and as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Professional Standards Authority.


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