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Clinical Psychologists have a wide range of experience. Depending on your specific needs and which of our Clinical Psychologists you see, the cost is usually starts at £100 per appointment. It depends on which person you decide to meet. We can be more specific once we have considered your particular presenting needs. We will always let you know the exact cost before you agree to meet.

Clinical Psychologists are Doctors of Psychology, having had usually 7-8 years, or more, of extensive training.

The first few meetings (1-4) with a clinical psychologist are used for assessment (the getting-to-know-you) process.

Why does seeing a Clincial Psychologist Cost More Than Seeing A Counsellor?

Seeing a Clinical Psychologist usually costs more per appointment than a counsellor as we aim to get the right therapy, or combination of therapies, targeted to you so that the overall course of therapy (the total number of appointments) can be the minimum necessary. Using your finances most effectively in the long run.

This decision is based on what’s called a Formulation. This latter helps to ensure that the right therapy (or specific combination of therapies) is used to target your particular difficulties; evidence and clinical based practice is offered. This usually results in fewer sessions in a course of therapy in the long run, compared with say, non-directive person centred counselling.

A Psychological Formulation is the result of a therapist Clinical Psychologist and a person, working together, to reach a shared understanding of probable causal and maintenance factors linked to a person’s difficulties. (What led to your problem/s starting and what keeps it/them going; what’s the big picture, what makes it so hard to change.)

A leaflet, explaining more about Psychological Formulations, has been produced by the British Psychological Society. “I think if you know the reason something’s happening, it automatically becomes more controllable. I could take control of them (the problems).”

Click here to read profiles of our Clinical Psychologists who are trained in many different therapies who can provide tailor made therapy for you. Finding a therapist that you feel you could develop a good working relationship with, is an important starting point.


“this was life-changing” Anon.
"I feel so much better in myself." Anon.

"I can't put into words how much you have helped." Anon.

"You've hit the nail on the head." Anon.

"Enlightening" Anon.

“In over 30 years’ treatment by various psychotherapists and a psychologist no one has managed to do what you did which is to really work at that trauma so that it could be made better. You did. Thank you.” Anon.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have found you and to have had the benefit from your considerable expertise.” Anon.

"You really listened and reflected it back to me in a real and supportive way but with appropriate challenge. It’s been a life changing experience. Thank you." Anon.

“I have trusted you and told you the best, worse and average about me.” Anon.

Due to the confidential nature of psychological therapy, we do not put clients' details here, only some sample quotes.

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