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Psychology and stress, Adjusting to life changes (relationship break ups, pregnancy, parenthood, changes in health or job, etc.)

Life can throw up lots of challenges for us. Sometimes, one change can be just one too many; it can be the “straw that broke the camel’s back”. We can feel overwhelmed, like we can’t cope, that it’s “all too much”.

Seeking support to help you through is a sign that you are taking appropriate self-care action. You are prioritising yourself & giving yourself importance. It is not a “sign of weakness”.  (Many people say that, which could be a self-critical part of you; that has been influenced by our society, culture and other factors).

Seeing a counsellor, having stress counselling,  for support could be enough to help you through. Sometimes, support alone is not enough. A Clinical Psychologist uses their 8 or more years of training to supportively help you put the pieces of the jigsaw together; to understand how you usually cope with stress and changes, how best to cope now and how to work your way out of feeling drained, low and/or anxious.

Everyone is an individual, we have our own histories and experiences. Any unplanned-for, negative, life event (e.g., relationship break up, health problems) is hard for anyone to go through. Even positive planned-for life events (e.g., pregnancy, parenthood) can press our “emotional buttons”. Understanding why a specific life event is so hard for you to recover from can help you cope better.

Research shows that Psychological Therapy helps, so take that first step by contacting us today; see our clinical psychologists here.

Written by © Dr Jurai Darongkamas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, (with over 35 years’ experience). The above has been written to provide a brief overview for the reader. It should not be used as a basis for any action until after obtaining a professional opinion about your unique difficulties, strengths, circumstances, life history, etc.


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