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Stress and psychologist

There is much written about stress but when we are too busy, we can tend to dismiss it. Anyone can be affected by stress including C-level executives.

Oh, it’s just stress”, “I will just plough on, keep going for a bit longer”.

Sometimes, people are confused about why they needed to seek help after a period of stress.

But I was coping with so much more a few weeks/months ago than I have on now; so why am I feeling so bad now?”

Stress can have a cumulative effect on us, both on the body and on us psychologically. Our determination, the competitive world we live in, our own (and others’) high expectations of ourselves, fear of criticism, comparing ourselves to others unfavourably, etc., can mean that we keep pushing ourselves for far too long.

Stress is a form of Mental Health problem that deserves attention. Giving yourself high priority, recognising the need for self-care, is important.

Seeing a Clinical Psychologist for stress problems can help you question any long-held beliefs keeping the stress spiral going. You can think through which are the best ways you find to relax, to take a Mental Health stress break and to have the opportunity to practice those stress management techniques in between appointments. Having one or two stress busting techniques that reliably work for you would be a good first step. Our Clinical Psychologists can help with that, as well as working out what the possible reasons are for why you are stressed and what keeps that stress going.

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Written by © Dr Jurai Darongkamas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, (with over 35 years’ experience). The above has been written to provide a brief overview for the reader. It should not be used as a basis for any action until after obtaining a professional opinion about your unique difficulties, strengths, circumstances, life history, etc.

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