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Panic Attacks

Having a panic attack can be exceedingly frightening, especially if it’s your first time experiencing one and you don’t know what it is.

What is A Panic Attack?

Panic can be a general state associated with something that you fear can happen at the height of a state of extreme anxiety.

Many people can experience anxiety in a particularly intense way, over a short, discrete period, that feels terrifying. This is known as a panic attack.

Panic attacks can be experienced in any way, at any time. The frequency of such attacks can vary. You might have one a month, week or several a day.

It’s felt in your mind and body. It can leave you feeling drained afterwards and extremely wary of when the next one will happen.

The panic attacks just seem to come out of the blue.”

“I get these attacks of anxiety, out of nowhere.”

Why Am I Having Panic Attacks?

There are many possible reasons why you may be experiencing panic attacks. Seeing a clinical psychologist for panic intervention is helpful.

Talking things over with a Clinical Psychologist can help build up a picture of why you are experiencing anxiety in this way.

How Do I Overcome Panic Attacks?

Working out a way to understand the possible causal and maintenance factors can then suggest a therapy plan to overcome panic attacks and associated issues. Learn ways to help to get over panic attacks.

Panic can be a sign to you that there are some things you are not addressing.

You and your Clinical Psychologist can work out a way for you to cope with the panic attacks, while finding a way to gradually confront the underlying issues to overcome and stop having the panic attacks.

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Psychologist Counselling For Panic Attacks

If you're looking for an experienced psychologist offering CBT counselling for panic attacks, our Clinical Psychologists can be found on the About Us page.

You can also contact us about available counselling appointments by clicking on the button below.

Written by © Dr Jurai Darongkamas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, (with over 35 years’ experience). The above has been written to provide a brief overview for the reader. It should not be used as a basis for any action until after obtaining a professional opinion about your unique difficulties, strengths, circumstances, life history, etc.


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