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Self-confidence and Self-esteem

We all suffer times of a crisis of self-confidence or feel that our self-confidence can be improved; whether minor or major. Having negative, unhelpful beliefs or constraining our life experiences (to only safe, well-trodden, paths) can lead to problems, such as when we are faced with change.

If we also have learnt how to say/think self-critical statements to ourselves in our own minds too (or, if others in our lives says/have said these negative things about us) then both our self-confidence and self-esteem is affected. We can feel we are lacking in some way, when compared to others.

Self-esteem may be impacted on badly by life issues as an adult or have its roots in childhood dynamics.

Meeting a trusted Clinical Psychologist for self esteem problems can help explore the extent and origin of any such internalised negativity. Work out a plan with your psychologist and low self-confidence can be built up.

Building up your self-confidence and self-esteem directly, may require you and your Clinical Psychologist to plan a programme of home-practice tasks between appointments. Yet again, with some people, removing what’s keeping your self confidence down is enough for you to make continued progress. For example, if there are unresolved issues from childhood or from specific trauma experiences then once they are worked through, you are freed to build your own self-confidence and self-esteem.

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Written by © Dr Jurai Darongkamas, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, (with over 35 years’ experience). The above has been written to provide a brief overview for the reader. It should not be used as a basis for any action until after obtaining a professional opinion about your unique difficulties, strengths, circumstances, life history, etc.


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