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Mentoring for Psychologists

Mentoring is offered to other professionals (trained and in training).

Specialist Clinical Psychologists with Extensive Experience

We all have a variety of different skills, experiences and approaches to offer you.

Are you a Psychologist seeking a Mentor who can help you:

  • improve your wellbeing and reduce your stress levels through empathic, reflective yet focused conversations
  • grow in professional confidence
  • plan a path to your professional development, career direction
  • consider how much of a leadership and service development role you want to take on
  • clearly define your goals and help you progress towards them
  • consider the barriers in your way to achieving your desired outcomes at work (whether organisational barriers or within yourself)
  • provide a fresh perspective as our Clinical Psychologist are not embedded in your organisation
  • learn from their wisdom, experience, training and skills to help you move forward in the way you want in your career. Why not benefit from others’ experience?

Could you benefit from mentoring from a Psychologist?

  • Take time to prioritise yourself and your own wellbeing.
  • Improve your skills (personal and professional) with a view to improved job & career satisfaction. Please note mentoring is not the same as personal therapy. (There may well be some overlap.)
  • Mentoring can help generate ideas for you to consider in relation to unblocking/ overcoming/steering around potential obstacles in your work.

How often does a Psychologist meet with their Mentor?

Mentoring can be offered either on a one-off meeting basis or within an agreed series of meetings. Agreeing a clear contract is usually a good starting point, to clarify roles, expectations, confidentiality, etc.

Our Clinical Psychologists have experience of working in the NHS and other systems, including Social Care.

Online Mentoring meetings for Psychologists

  • Make use of the ease of online meetings to fit in with your schedule.
  • We can help you aim to reach your potential, to work at your personal best.
  • Your wellbeing is important in this Mental Health profession.

More about our individual Clinical Psychologists

Founder, Dr Jurai Darongkamas, has published on:

Clinical Supervision building on a well known theoretical model, An eight-eyed version of Hawkins and Shohet’s clinical supervision model: the addition of the cognitive analytic therapy concept of the ‘observing ye/I’ as the ‘observing us’ (cited by many others) and Primary Care Mental Health workers’ views of Clinical Supervision.