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Organisational Work

We Can Help Your Organisation

We can help with the work of your organisation in many ways, for example:

  • help staff to reflect on relational issues within/between teams
  • improve staff sense of resilience and wellbeing
  • build staff skills in Mental Health,
  • improve personal leadership,
  • make more effective use of the self/emotional intelligence,
  • help tackle difficulties in organisations.

External Consultancy for Organisations

Additionally, organisational visits and background research can aid us to provide an external viewpoint to help you improve your organisation. Such external consultancy for organisations enables the addition of an objective outsider perspective.

Assesssing Team Dynamics (Problem Interactional Patterns, Within & Between Teams)

  • Commissioning us to meet with a team of staff to work out a view of ongoing relational dynamics and intervene to improve staff morale and individual and team functioning is on offer.
  • The use of psychological theories such as Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) provides a helpful way to intervene and capture ongoing dynamics in staff teams allowing for co-creation of alternatives/ exits from unhelpful interactional patterns.
  • Relational problems can become unhelpfully entrenched in systems.
  • Such work can help reduce staff burnout, chronic stress and “presenteeism”.
  • Handling Complex Complaints
  • Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) can also be used to help in the handling of complex complaints. In addition to understanding the contents of each complaint, consideration of a fuller understanding of the contents and dynamics associated with the complaint provides a helpful way forward (out of any unhelpful patterns of relating that have unwittingly been embarked on).  This helps the complaint resolution to proceed and to reach a conclusion that feels as successful as possible (or least bad) to each party.
  • Our experienced Clinical Psychologists are also able to provide bespoke training on a range of topics, see our page on Bespoke Training.

Research supervision and project management as external consultants are also offered, including on evaluations and audits.

Please contact us with your specific requirements, to see if your time scale match our availability. Do email Please make this email address a safe address for your email or regularly check your spam/junk box, in case our reply does not reach your inbox.