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Welcome to our About Us page which contains information about our experienced clinical psychologists. We can advise you about likely best “fit”.

National Clinical Psychology Service 

UK- wide: See a Clinical Psychologist from anywhere in the UK. 

We see people across the UK and Europe (including British ex pats living in Europe wanting psychological therapy/English speakers).

Why Choose Us?

We are properly trained Doctors of Psychology. Trusted professionals.

You can’t put a price on your mental health.

How do I get matched with a therapist good for me? Experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist for your Guidance

Contact us, to talk briefly (no charge) to an experienced Consultant Clinical Psychologist for guidance (if needed) about which Clinical Psychologist you could best have an appointment with, suited for what you are looking for, including your needs.

We High-Quality Therapy for Mental Health Problems

We are a group of trained, qualified, private Clinical Psychologists.

We all have NHS experience, as well as offering private, non-NHS, therapy through this website, here at National Clinical Psychology Service.

Most of us offer online appointments. Some same-room appointments are available.

We Help People with Different Mental Health Problems

People come to us for help with single and/or multiple difficulties. You might have a feeling that “something is not quite right” or know that you are suffering from one or more problems. We will help you put into words what you are experiencing.

We have Clinical Psychologists who see Adults, Children and Teenagers. Check on our availability for Child Psychologists to see your child or young adult.

What is the Range of Talking Therapies/approaches Offered?

Each psychologist will tailor what they offer to suit you individually, offering you bespoke input.

We are trained in a wide range of psychological therapies (e.g., CAT, CBT, EMDR, DBT, Psychodynamic Psychotherapy).

We aim to fit our approach to clients rather than the other way round.“(ACP, 2023)

Let us advise you on which single or combined therapy would be the best “fit” for you.

As experienced clinical psychologists, we can combine two or more approaches for you, as needed. Our training helps us offer more to you, without using medication.

We are more specialist than mental health counsellors.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation, consultation. We will talk you through the different options available and put together a plan for the successful outcome you want.

Not sure what you want or need?

We’ll be in touch (at no charge) to help you make arrangements to meet your needs.

Not sure who to choose to see? 

Get in contact. We’ve been doing this work for nearly 40 years.

We’re here to make sure you get matched up with the best of our therapists, aiming for the best “fit” and to get your therapy off to the best start.

Matching your needs with one of our Clinical Psychologists means you get better help and therapy, targeted and focused for you.

We don’t believe in seeing anyone for any longer than necessary.

Our charges start from £100 per appointment, depending on who you see.

We are registered as genuine Registered Psychologists with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) and as Practitioner Psychologists with the Professional Standards Authority.

We do not pass your details on to any other organisation. We strongly believe in confidentiality and your right to privacy.

How do I Make an Appointment To See a Clinical Psychologist?

We currently have appointment slots available. 

To see one of our Clinical Psychologists, do make contact using the consultation button (or ring in) or use our contact details to help us fix a good day and time for you. Please keep an eye out for our reply, in case it goes into your spam/junk box.

Therapy appointments are available right now. We offer help with many mental health problems; get help for depression, anxiety, panic, PTSD, OCD etc; your interpersonal relationships may also be affected; see example problems list here.

You no longer need to search for talking therapy, counselling near me, or Cognitive Analytic Therapy near me, as we offer remote online psychological therapy. Online CBT etc.

Find out about our costs and psychologists available to see you.

Our  diverse ethnic social, and cultural backgrounds help us to offer you inclusive therapy considering issues such as LGBT, etc.

We also offer in-person therapy and counselling in a number of UK cities, including: London, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol and more.

Our Clinical Psychologists are all registered with the HCPC and may also belong to either the British Psychological Society or the Association for Clinical Psychologists.

If you are a qualified Clinical Psychologist interested in joining us, do please email  We look forward to hearing from you. We are particularly looking for those with good experience, interested in achieving excellent outcomes and a high quality experience for those we serve. 

We Can Help With

Some examples include:

Our Clinical Psychologists

All our psychologists are as registered, practitioner psychologists with the HCPC and/or the Professional Standards Authority.

Dr Alicia Eccles – FULL

Dr Amy Elliott- Full

Dr Andrew Adams

Dr Ann Kilanska

Dr Ann-Marie Munday- Full

Dr Ernest Wagner

Dr Gemma Kothari

Dr Jurai Darongkamas – Full

Dr Kate Fox

Dr Kate Littler – Full

Dr Katie Bigham – Full

Dr Laura Bettney

Dr Laura Draycott – Full

Dr Lauren Canvin

Dr Leah Wallach full

Dr Lisa Tomlinson

Dr Natalie Southall- Full

Dr Nina Shergill

Nicola Haisman