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Dr Andrew Adams

Specialist Clinical Psychologist

  • Specialist Clinical Psychologist, enquire re wait times
  • 13 years of clinical experience
  • Offers individualised Psychological Therapies to Children and Adults, including those with special needs
  • sees clients registered with insurance companies

Dr Andrew Adams, Clinical Psychologist, says:

Life can be challenging, whether trying to find a suitable work/life balance, struggling with anxiety or depression, seeking perfectionism or having an overactive mind.

My main goal is to create a supportive and nurturing environment to help you reach your goals.

I prioritise privacy and confidentiality.

I am passionate about providing high quality, tailored care in a non-judgmental space for you to heal and grow.

Supports People with a Variety of Mental Health Difficulties

I offer support for a wide range of mental health difficulties including:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • stress
  • anger issues
  • panic disorder
  • sleep problems
  • phobias
  • ADHD and Autism support
  • chronic pain management
  • life skills
  • bereavement

Range of Different Psychological Therapies

I work using a range of treatment modalities based on evidence-based therapeutic approaches. These might include:

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT)
  • Schema Therapy
  • Internal Family Systems
  • Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT)

I have over 13 years of clinical experience, working with clients in England, Wales, Scotland and Canada.

I have worked in both the National Health Service (NHS), and in private practice (see below).

During our work together I will do my best to tailor the therapeutic experience to your specific needs, and ensure you feel empowered throughout.

Having therapy can be a challenging process, and I will work with you to provide a safe and supportive experience, where you will hopefully develop a better understanding of these issues, and find improved coping skills for the future.

Previous clients have reported finding better balance to their lives, improved well-being, a deeper understanding of themselves, and improved methods of coping with life’s challenges. (See testimonials below.)

I bring to my private practice, my extensive experience of seeing a variety of people referred to different NHS and other services.

  • For example, I worked as the Principal Clinical Psychologist for a Perinatal Mental Health community team.
  • In another Psychological Service, I worked with a wide range of people (including ex-military, Police clients), helping with a wide range of mental health difficulties.
  • I was the Clinical Psychology Lead in a Children’s Autism Service.
  • Senior Clinical Psychologist and Team leader was my role for a Children’s Learning Disability service.
  • I have also worked in a Paediatric Learning Disability Service.

I am fully qualified as an HCPC-registered (PYL32555) Practitioner Psychologist.

Check my registration as a genuine Registered Psychologist with the Health Care and Professions Council (HCPC) and as a Practitioner Psychologist with the Professional Standards Authority.

Clients can be seen through private health insurance as I am registered with AXA, Cigna, Bupa, Aviva and WPA .

 £125 is his usual fee for individuals for an appointment, for Clinical Psychology / Psychological Therapy / Psychological Intervention.

N.B. The fee may vary in relation to other services, e.g., specific assessments, report writing,  etc. 

Please contact us for more information.

Dr Andrew Adams | Clinical Psychology Service

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Client Testimonials for Dr Andrew Adams

  • “I want to genuinely thank you for your persistence, kindness, words of wisdom and for sharing your experiences with me… you have taught me how to enjoy life by managing my mindset and the trauma within me. You will always be a significant figure in my life that has taught me so much more than I could ever thank you for.”
  • “...can’t thank you enough for having supported me in the last year.
  • “…been discharged from psychiatrist, no tablets. I just wanted you to know that I made these changes and have never been happier! Thank you so much for all your help!”
  • Your help came at a critical time in my life and has made a huge difference to my wellbeing and that of my family’s, both now and for the future. Thank you ever so much
  • “Just wanted to reach out and tell you how appreciative I am of your kindness, support, and knowledge of ‘all things psychology’… I can’t thank you enough, it’s given me a new lease for life and helped me find the happiness in the small things. I … have been passing on my (your) wisdom to my wife and friends! Thank you again.”