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Dr Lauren Canvin

Clinical Psychologist

  • Online and face-to-face appointments. Enquire re wait time.
  • 6+ years of NHS experience
  • Completed 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training too
  • Experienced in supporting individuals wishing to explore their sexuality and gender

Dr Lauren Canvin, Clinical Psychologist

Enquire re wait time. Experienced Clinical Psychologist

Dr Lauren Canvin is an HCPC registered Clinical Psychologist and has worked in the NHS since 2017.

She offers a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as CBT, ACT, CFT, DBT, Narrative, and Systemic Therapy. She also draws on attachment, trauma-informed, and psychodynamic models.

Holistic Approach and Incorporation of Yoga Practices

Dr Lauren Canvin believes in working holistically – understanding human difficulties and suffering in the context of life experience, social circumstances, family life, spirituality, and relationship with the body. She has completed 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training, and draws on Yoga Philosophy and Practice in therapy, if needed.

Support can be offered around many difficulties including:

  • low self-esteem
  • identity
  • self-criticism
  • trauma
  • attachment
  • low mood
  • anxiety

She can also offer psychological support for managing physical health symptoms, such as pain or fatigue. She has significant experience working with people with autism, ADHD, and other neurodevelopmental differences. She is also very experienced in supporting individuals wishing to explore their sexuality and gender.

Session Availability and Flexibility

Dr Lauren Canvin can offer sessions either online, or face-to-face at YogaSara, Bristol.

Your first meeting would be an assessment where she will be committed to getting to know you, and you will have the opportunity to experience what she is like as a therapist. Her goal is to provide a space for you both think together about how she might be able to help. (There is no obligation to book further appointments if you don’t wish to.)

Dr Lauren Canvin can offer sessions as frequently as once a week, or less frequently if you prefer.

Gender Diversity

Dr Lauren Canvin is knowledgeable in topics related to gender diversity, and has extensive experience helping people explore their sexuality and gender. The below describes those aspects of her work.

She has many years’ experience working with young people and families with a range of complexities linked to gender-related distress and gender identity development, which helps inform her work today. She has worked collaboratively and in partnership with other agencies, including the voluntary sector, to support young people and adults’ gender care.

People of all ages may well benefit from help with managing gender-related distress, as well as a supportive space to explore their gender identity. Gender diverse, trans, or gender questioning people may also experience discrimination or stigma.

Dr Lauren Canvin has published several academic papers, including on developing therapeutic approaches to support young people to manage gender-related distress, and has trained NHS staff in these areas.

Lauren draws on Systemic Family Therapy, Psychodynamic, ACT, DBT and Narrative therapy approaches.

Publications: Dr Lauren Canvin, working with other colleagues, has published many academic research papers on different topics including: Self focussed attention and the perception of being observed by others; How mental health professionals describe their experiences of providing care for certain clients; Mental health professionals’ narratives of feeling inadequately skilled when working with certain clients; Supporting young people to manage gender-related distress using third-wave cognitive behavioural theory, ideas and practice; Outcomes of mental health services; training issues in Clinical Psychology; Internet-delivered cognitive therapy for PTSD. She has published in the Association for Family Therapy and Systemic Practice’s publication, Context.

Dr Lauren Canvin | Clinical Psychologist

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