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We are not able to provide emergency crisis assistance. If you require emergency mental health help, please contact your GP practice for assistance. Alternatively, you can call 111. You may also find assistance by following one or more of the links below which will lead you to other Helplines and Information (on external sites).

For information about arranging non-emergency therapy with our own Clinical Psychologists, see the “about us” page or use the “contact us” page. We will then be able to talk with you about your issues and assist you in arranging the next step.

(We cannot vouch for these other organisations and can take no responsibility for their content. These links will take you away from our website so we suggest you open up another tab/window to follow any of the links).

When in a state of emotional crisis, it may be helpful to try to take a step back and deliberately take a few slow deep breaths, just to slow down. This will give your mind more time to think and to try to problem solve.

Is there anyone in your life that you can call for a listening ear? Is there anything that you can do about the problem/s?

What is the problem/goal? Take some time to think about this.  Make sure that you only try to unravel just one problem/goal at a time.  Write down exactly what you believe the problem/goal to be.  Your description needs to be very clear, e.g., so that someone who doesn’t know you will know exactly what this particular problem is (including how it is a problem to you, when, why, etc).

Regarding the problem, think about which things can you start to think about tackling or which things are beyond your control, e.g., such as when you have to wait to hear from others. If you think that you can do something about the problem, then one option could be to use a formal problem-solving method (to work through which options can be considered for you to act on (the pros and cons of each option) and how to follow through on the chosen action/s).

Alternatively, if you believe that the problem is out of your hands, think about what can you do to handle any strong feelings you are struggling with right now? e.g., take a walk in the open air, go for a run, go outside and just sit in the fresh air, distract yourself through doing other activities, comfort yourself such as taking a long hot soak in the bath, turn off all electronic devices so that your mind gets a break for a while.