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Counselling for Anxiety

Find the Right Anxiety Counselling

I wish I just had a broken leg sometimes”, people often say. Suffering with stress, anxiety and worry can be such a lonely place to be. Other people can’t see the problems, like they could if it was a broken leg. It seems like no one else understands and the fear is that it will never go away.

How Anxiety affects Me

We are all individuals. There are so many ways that anxiety can express itself: feeling anxious all the time, or at specific times of the day; when you are alone, when you are with others; difficulties felt in the body including agitation, inability to relax; constant racing thoughts; difficulty thinking straight, mind fog, thinking of the worst-case scenarios and/or; having a feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach, other parts of your body or all over.

Anxiety can be the main issue or you can feel anxious as well as having low mood and other problems.

What causes Anxiety Problems?

It’s understandable that we all try to cope as best as we can, by ourselves, but some ways of coping can have high costs. For example, trying to cope by avoidance can lead to life problems not being sorted and things building up more. This then eventually knocks us down, lowers our confidence and self-worth and the spiral builds.

Seeing a psychologist will help you work out why you have anxiety and how to overcome anxiety. Counselling for Anxiety alone is not normally enough, learning techniques during psychological therapy  (including CBT for anxiety) to help manage feelings is helpful.

Let us help you find a way, that’s as manageable as possible for you, to tell an expert Clinical Psychologist openly about your situation and what you are going through. Go at your own pace, to overcome anxiety and to feel other, more pleasant, feelings instead.

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“this was life-changing” Anon.
"I feel so much better in myself." Anon.

"I can't put into words how much you have helped." Anon.

"You've hit the nail on the head." Anon.

"Enlightening" Anon.

“In over 30 years’ treatment by various psychotherapists and a psychologist no one has managed to do what you did which is to really work at that trauma so that it could be made better. You did. Thank you.” Anon.

“I consider myself very fortunate to have found you and to have had the benefit from your considerable expertise.” Anon.

"You really listened and reflected it back to me in a real and supportive way but with appropriate challenge. It’s been a life changing experience. Thank you." Anon.

“I have trusted you and told you the best, worse and average about me.” Anon.

Due to the confidential nature of psychological therapy, we do not put clients' details here, only some sample quotes.

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